Windows Instant Messaging

Gajim Jabber Client

Windows computers can use a variety of instant messaging software to connect to the Jabber IM protocol. This document will detail how to install the Gajim Jabber client.


  1. Locate the installer file at Z:\Install\Instant Messenger\gajim-.15.4-3.exe . Double-click to start the installation. (You may need to have administrator priviledges to install software on your computer.)
  2. Click 'Yes' on the Windows Security prompt.

  3. Click 'OK' to set english as the language.

  4. Click 'Next' at the Welcome screen.

  5. Click 'I Agree' at teh license screen.

  6. At the Choose Components screen
    scroll to the bottom of the list and UN-check Start Gajim when Windows starts (Unless you truely want the IM app to start automatically.)

  7. Click 'Next' on the Install Location screen to accept the default location.

  8. Click 'Install' on the Choose Start Menu screen to continue the installation.

  9. The installer shows a progress indicator during the process.

  10. Click 'Finish' to complete the installation. There is a check-box to start Gajim now if you wish to continue with the account configuration.

Create an Account

  1. At first-run Gajim shows a default profile labeled 'Local (0/0)', we will remove this default and create our own profiles based on your email address. Start by choosing 'Offline' from the select menu at the bottom of the window.
  2. From the 'Edit' menu choose 'Accounts'.
  3. Select the account labeled 'Local' in the left column, then UN-check the box labeled 'Enabled'.
  4. On the Accounts Configuration dialog click the 'Add' button.
  5. You will be prompted to use an existing account or create a new account,
    choose I already have an account I want to use.
  6. Next you are prompted for the account information;
    • Your Jabber ID is your email address, the email name on the left and on the right.
    • do NOT check 'Anonymous Authentication'.
    • The password is your logon password, the same one you use to log on to your computer.
    • You can leave the 'Save Password' checked, if you do not you will be prompted for it every time you open the instant messenger app.
    • Click 'Forward' to continue.
  7. REMOVE the check from Connect when I press Finish, and then click 'Finish' to continue.
  8. Select the account named ' on the left column, and choose the tab labeled 'Connection'.
  9. Check the box labeled 'Use custom hostname/port'. Change the hostname to, do not change the port number. Click the 'Close' button to complete the account modification.
  10. To make the account setting take effect either exit the Gajim program and reopen it. Or Change the status to 'Offline' then back to 'Available' using the selection menu on the bottom of the app window.
  11. You will be alerted to an 'Insecure Connection'. This IS OK because we are inside the company firewall, or on the VPN (which is also protected.) Check both boxes to avoid being prompted by this warning again.

Connecting with other users

Everyone who has a email address is already enabled on the instant messenger system, however everyone may not have an instant messenger app installed or configured on their computer. To connect with those who have, do the following:

  1. In the app window, right-click on the account labeled and choose 'Start chat…'
  2. Type the full email address of the person you want to contact and click 'OK'.
  3. A new chat window will open and you can begin a conversation.
  4. Notice the icon next to the contact name at the top of the window. The color of the icon indicates the persons availability status.

Exiting the IM client

Clicking the "X" on the window does NOT close the program. Clicking the “X” will only close the window and minimize the program to the system tray. You will still be available, and receive messages and alerts. If you want to exit the program (turn it off) you must choose 'Quit' from the file menu.

Last modified:: 2016/03/19 16:03