Instant Messaging

Instant messaging can offer a near-immediate yet non-invasive method of communication between co-workers. Simply put instant messaging fits nicely between email and telephone communication; Real-time conversations like a telephone but less intrusive to other tasks like email. You can communicate with co-workers, answering or asking questions while a customer is on the phone instead of having to tell the customer you will “get back to them” after you track down the information.

Documation's instant messaging system is setup around the user's email accounts and is run inside the company firewall so it is secure from intrusino, and will not allow users to spend time talking to people who are not authorized to use the Documation system.

Everyone who has a email address is already enabled on the instant messenger system, however everyone may not have an instant messenger app installed or configured on their computer. To connect with those who have, choose one of the following (OR ask the IT staff for assistance.):

Last modified:: 2016/03/19 16:03